Portfolio – Motion Graphics

Animated Title Sequence

The David Pakman Show - Animated Title Sequence

When the David Pakman show needed an intro for their TV broadcast they approached Feedback Video. This animated title intro was designed and executed in close consultation with the Pakman show.

The project also required creating several other video pieces including a backdrop loop for use during the show and short animated video intros for their YouTube channel promotions. The series enabled the show to maintain a consistant branding image from broadcast to the internet.

Motion Graphics that Educate

Pattison Outdoor - Service Demo

When Pattison Outdoor was introducing their new Eyewitness software which gives their clients the ability to monitor their ad campaigns with up to the minute details, they needed a video to explain all the benefits and features.

Following a script and some support materials from Pattison, Feedback Video produced the video on the left which ran on the front page of the Pattison website.

Feedback Video and Animation - Toronto

Concept Illustration Motion Graphics

REtv - Animated Video Loop

Capital Networks wanted an animated video loop to illustrate that their software could output a tv channel to multiple platforms from Smartphones to Cable TV and everything inbetween. This is the animation that Feedback Video created with that goal in mind.

Feedback Video and Animation - Toronto

Console Gaming Motion Graphics

HMV - Animated Product Promo

HMV wanted to promote that they were selling video games and asked for an animated intro for their TV spot.

After discussions with the producer, we settled on the idea of a collage of all the popular game controller buttons. All 3d objects were created from scratch using photos as reference.

Feedback Video and Animation - Toronto

Animated Logo Branding Ids

OBN - Logo Branding

The Outdoor Broadcast Network wanted an animated logo id to run on their national network of outdoor digital billboards.

OBN approached Feedback Video and asked for 2 concepts. This treatment was chosen and for almost a decade, was seen by millions of people every week across Canada.

Feedback Video and Animation - Toronto

Animated Logo ID

This 3D logo animation was created from the 2D logo. A 3 dimensional Lime was created, revealed by dramatic cinematic lighting and 'virtually' cut in two to create the final logo.

Feedback Video and Animation - Toronto